Bugatti Veyron Linea Vivere Mansory – A Strictly Limited Edition Masterpiece

It’s for those who want to make it more exclusive, German car customization Masonry applied its tuning talents to a handful of Veyrons. One of its best-known creations was the Veyron Linea Vivere.BH4A1978-7 (Copy)

BH4A1973-4 (Copy)

Only two exist in the world, one of which is for sale at Al-Ain Class Motors. Aside from its quad turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine and unique customization job, Mansory made it even more unique.

BH4A1975-6 (Copy)

Finished in Matte White, the exterior features a striking Mansory Carbon Fiber weave, new carbon front and rear bumpers, and a redesigned hood. Mansory also added daytime running lights, side skirts and fully forged custom wheels.

BH4A2005-19 (Copy)





The interior has also been extensively modified with custom Mansory parts, hand-stitched leather black and white upholstery that matches the exterior, aluminum pedals, and copious amounts of carbon fiber. It took Mansory 6 months to complete the highly detailed modifications.
BH4A1985-10 (Copy)BH4A1986-11 (Copy)BH4A1987-12 (Copy)BH4A1990-14 (Copy) BH4A1991-15 (Copy) BH4A1994-16 (Copy) BH4A2015-23 (Copy)

A masterpiece with an iconic “V” shape that gives this supersport its name, Vivere. This car is worthy of delivering not only a truly fast driving experience, but also the impression of refined luxury.

BH4A1981-9 (Copy)BH4A1971-3 (Copy) BH4A2013-22 (Copy) BH4A2016-24 (Copy) BH4A2021-26 (Copy)

Mansory chose to highlight the visual experience with sheer driving pleasure. The contact with the road ensured by striking alloy wheels with a five double-spoke design, harmonizing perfectly with the production tyres, both visually and technically.

BH4A2010-21 (Copy)