Top Gear Says: “This is the best supercar dealership in the world”

A man in a kaftan and keffiyeh headdress has just picked up my hand then dropped it like a stale roll at a buffet. He leans towards me slightly and makes a promise: “Think of a car – any car in the world. I can get it for you. Price doesn’t matter. You want it, I’ll find it. Then you can buy it from me. And drive.” Said man is Abdullah Al Ketbi, owner of Dubai’s Alain Class Motors. And all the while he’s suggesting that our newfound acquaintance has earned me access to the world’s most rarified supercars, he’s surrounded by what can only be described as… the world’s most rarified supercars. He flicks four fingers at a Rolls-Royce Ghost dismissively – “This? Cheap car” – then beckons me towards the shinier end of his marble-floored showroom. “We have lots better,” nodding his head left towards a Lamborghini Aventador, then right towards a one-of-six Koenigsegg CCXR Look an inch further to the right and there’s a Ferrai FF tucked against a F430 Scuderia, which is nuzzling into a Versace edition Murciélago. Turn around and you’re contemplating a Reventon – Lamborghini’s most expensive road car ever – Ferrari 458 Italia, Maybach 57S and Mercedes C63 AMG Black.