Introducing the Gemera:

Pioneering the Future of Automotive Innovation. A Groundbreaking Marvel that Blends Practicality, Performance, and Mid-Engine Supercar Traits. With Full-Size Four Seats and Expansive Luggage Space, Gemera Redefines the Standards of Automotive Landscape, Opening New Doors for Enthusiasts and Adventurers Alike.

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production version: what’s new?

Customers now have the option to select a turbocharged V8 engine, borrowed from the Jesko model, for the Gemera. When combined with the hybrid motors, this configuration will deliver an astonishing 2300 horsepower on E85 fuel and a torque of 2750 NM. resulting in a 1,11:1 power-to-weight ratio versus 0,77:1 with the Tiny Friendly Giant engine.

The Inline 3 engine is still available for individuals who prioritize fuel efficiency and more balanced performance.

The Dark Matter: 

Enhancing the overall power output, both powertrain alternatives are accompanied by the groundbreaking Koenigsegg Dark Matter e-motor technology.

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Opulent Cabin Comfort:

The Gemera Features flawlessly cushioned memory foam seats, an impressive array of cup holders – four heated and four cooled, entertainment screens equipped with Apple CarPlay for both front and rear passengers, and essential induction and USB charging ports. With an 11-speaker sound system.

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