Tesla Model S P100D

Technical Details

Model Year



7,000 KMs




Black | White




503 HP


The Tesla Model S P100D gets its moniker thanks to the addition of a 100kWh battery.  If the official figures for the Model S P100D are to be believed, a range of 381 miles is available from a fully charged battery.

Tesla has increased the Model S's performance to hypercar-hassling levels.

Inside the car there are plenty of rich feeling materials. On the road, you barely have to touch the accelerator pedal to make reasonable progress. If you think you can use anything close to full performance, you’re much mistaken. Even the briefest of heavy pedalling results in the car charging forward with instantaneous response. The acceleration tails off the faster you go, but there isn’t much that could keep up in a straight line.

The Model S has strong regenerative braking that lends itself to a relaxed driving style. With some forward planning, it’s possible to only touch the brakes when you’re coming to a stop or if an obstruction suddenly appears. This manner of driving conserves the battery's range, too.

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