Rolls Royce Phantom

Technical Details

Model Year



4,755 KMs


Brown | Silver




6.8L V12


563 Hp


The creation of Phantom Extended is the creation of legacy. Like the Siamese Fighting Fish, no two are ever the same. As the vision of the patron is melded by artisans, the legend is brought to life.

Phantom Extended stands alone, powerful and beautiful. Master of its domain.

Phantom Extended is singular; no two are ever the same. Each Phantom Extended is crafted to the vision of its patron, a manifestation of our philosophy that unique is rarely experienced. Phantom Extended is made in your image, not for your image.

The Suite of Phantom Extended is an exquisite sanctuary, crafted to the exacting vision of its patron. Beauty and comfort combine beneath the celestial canopy of Phantom’s iconic Starlight Headliner.

The quietest Rolls-Royce cabin ever conceived is a cosseting and tranquil haven. Cutting-edge technology is discreetly placed to ensure nothing detracts from the sheer pleasure of splendid carriage only Phantom can deliver.

In a world where true privacy is a rare luxury, Phantom Extended delivers this precious state in opulent style. The Privacy Suite transforms the rear cabin into a haven of tranquility in which you can enjoy every exquisite moment undisturbed.

Whether you take the wheel or recline in the Phantom Suite, the harmonious collaboration of technology and engineering delivers exquisite poise. In every moment of every journey, Phantom Extended exists beyond previous conceptions of automotive perfection.

Phantom Extended is beyond time. Throughout its storied life, a stately figure at the world’s most momentous occasions. It stands as the consummate signifier of the presence of greatness.

With its commanding silhouette and striking chrome detailing, Phantom Extended is the authoritative statement of modern luxury.

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