Rolls Royce Ghost

Technical Details

Model Year



100 KMs


Diamond Black


Arctic White | Black


6.75L V12


563 Hp

AED 2,100,000

The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost nails the basics. This car is stylish, luxurious, ostentatious, and so on – as all proper Rolls-Royce products are. But while this new version may not look or even seem all that dramatically different at first glance, once behind the wheel, it's obvious this Ghost is something special.

This self-confidence is imposed on the driving experience, as well. The old Ghost was the handler of the Rolls-Royce lineup, an admittedly easy bar to clear at the time when the old Phantom was designed to dispatch a corner at nothing less than a highly dignified pace.

The 2021 Ghost is an exceptional cruiser. That impressive new suspension geometry not only improves handling but also on-road comfort. The new Ghost rides like a cloud riding on top of a cloud, absorbing bumps and breaks in the road without so much as a shrug and eating up highway miles better than any other car in this class can.

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