Range Rover Vogue SE Supercharged

Technical Details

Model Year



129,041 KMs


Indus Silver


Black | Beige


5.0L V8 Supercharged


510 Hp

AED 145,000

Range Rover is considerably larger than the original that launched over 40 years ago, but retains enough visual features to instantly make its heritage obvious. The castellations on the bonnet are shallower than we, and other purists, would like, and the windscreen slopes back significantly more than in the first three generations.

The gen-four Range Rover is even more capable than its forebears in serious off-road conditions. A complex electronic system that juggles grip according to terrain combines with adjustable suspension height to provide extraordinary competence that makes even inexperienced drivers feel comfortable.

It’s a superb luxury vehicle rear legroom is good without being limo like. The boot is huge and easy to load through the two-piece, horizontally-split tailgate.

The Range Rover Vogue SE V8 is spacious, luxurious and finished to an immaculate standard in top-line leather, timber and alloy.

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