Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Technical Details

Model Year



94,000 KMs






4.8L V8


520 Hp


Porsche has updated its ever-popular Cayenne Turbo with a refresh for the 2015 model year, blessing the uber-SUV with several exterior styling tweaks, a slightly revised interior package, and a more powerful (yet more fuel efficient) drivetrain.

In the rear, the taillights now have a flatter look. They still wrap around the car’s flanks, but do so in a more horizontal fashion. Like the LEDs up front, these are also composed of a four-part illumination element. The license plate and handle strip are now more smoothly integrated into the tailgate.

The exhaust tips are divided and are more closely integrated into the surrounding bumper. An automatic tailgate is standard. Up top, the rear brake light in the roof spoiler is smoothly aligned with the overall shape of the wing. The whole rear looks wider and sleeker, giving it an even sportier appearance than before.

In the front, Porsche did something similar, altering the lines in the fascia, bumper wings and hood to move the eye towards the sides rather than the middle. The central grille is more rectangular than trapezoidal, while the flanking intakes are squared off as well. The headlights come with standard LEDs and are equipped with Porsche’s Dynamic Lighting System.

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