McLaren 650S Spider

Technical Details

Model Year



24,816 KMs






3.8L V8


641 Hp


This is the convertible version of McLaren’s 650S coupe, complete with a folding hard top that tucks itself away in 17 seconds at up to 19mph.

the McLaren stand out from other convertibles (including Ferrari’s drop-top 488) is that, thanks to the toughness of its carbon tub, it needed no additional strengthening. Which means it’s every bit as stiff and rigid as the hard top and only weighs 40kg more.

Arguably the Spider’s best feature isn’t the roof itself, but the electric rear window, which fulfils the role of wind deflector when the roof is down, but acts as a volume control for the V8 twin turbo with the roof up. Keep it raised and the V8 is nicely muted and cruising a breeze.

The Spider feels like it’s been built and designed to F1 standards – it’s great to spend time in and the ergonomics are superb. The satnav works and it’s great, while seats, steering wheel and pedals are all perfectly placed. That wheel is a pleasure to grip, too.


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