Ferrari California T

Technical Details

Model Year



41,245 KMs


Rosso Corsa


Red | Black


3.9L V8


552 Hp

AED 359,000

The Ferrari California T is not an obvious link to one of the prancing horse’s most fabled cars, the F40. Yet it’s there in the addition of that capital letter, which denotes turbocharging. This major update to Ferrari’s entry-level GT and most affordable car is proof that not even exclusive supercar brands are immune to the need to build cars that are ever more efficient.

The Ferrari California with a T is said to be two-tenths quicker (3.6 seconds) to 100km/h from standstill, and top speed rises from 312 to 316km/h.

Ferrari says the engine produces virtually zero lag, and while some is still detectable – particularly in the higher gears – responses to throttle pedal pressure are relatively sharp.

Power delivery is also satisfyingly linear, with the California T building speed exponentially as you squeeze the throttle towards the firewall.

This is no lazy V8 that urges you to stay in high gears and simply cruise along not far above idle. The 3.9-litre loves to rev.

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