Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51

Technical Details

Model Year



0 KMs




Black | Red


6.2L V8


495 Hp

AED 455,000

The mid-engine marvel continues to carve its legacy with every push of the ignition. Get behind the wheel and experience the balance of design and performance that puts Corvette, and whoever is driving it, out in front.

When you design the next generation of a car as iconic as Corvette, you get a beautifully sculpted mid-engine sports car that makes a powerful statement. Not your everyday car, but a car you want to drive every day. And with aerodynamic components integrated throughout, its form is functional and beautiful.

The mid-engine configuration provides incredible visibility, responsiveness and driving feel. The engine placement provides rear weight bias, meaning more power is directed to the rear wheels where it matters most. And with the windshield positioned over the front wheels, the downforce is improved over the seventh-generation, without the need for a front air dam.

Every detail is designed to provide a natural and immersive driving experience that’s tailored to you. Each button is exactly where it needs to be for comfortable, intuitive use.

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