BMW 760Li XDrive V12

Technical Details

Model Year



36,902 KMs


Centennial Blue-Metallic


Merino Smoke White


6.6L V12


601 Hp


 The BMW M760Li xDrive is unlike any 7 Series that has gone before it. And any BMW, for that matter. Faster, more powerful and more expensive than anything to have ever emerged from Munich, the new flagship 7 Series represents a lot of things to the German marque.

Despite focussing more on performance than any 7 Series in history, BMW simply doesn't think there's a market for a full-bore M car in its lux-limo range. Instead, the M760Li xDrive treads a fine line between power and posh.

Under that bonnet lives a twin-turbo V12 that will send you hurtling to 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds. That's ludicrously quick, and even more so in a car that weighs near enough 2.2 tonnes.  It sits not just at the top of the 7 Series family, but at the top of the BMW brand more generally.

The M760Li also arrives with BMW's "laser" headlight system, along with the gimmicky-but-fun gesture control system (a camera in the interior roof lining allows you to perform some function s - like turning the volume up and down - with a flick of the hand rather than the push of a button) and a 16-speaker Bowers & Wilkins stereo. There's an abundance of display screens, too, including a 12.3-inch digital display in the driver's binnacle, a 10.25-inch centre display controlled by the latest iteration of BMW's very good iDrive system, a 10-inch screen attached to the back of both front seats and a removable seven-inch Samsung tablet housed between the two rear seats that controls everything from the sunroof to the massage functions.

 The M760Li xDrive looks both sleek and powerful and this example is painted in Centennial Blue-Metallic  hand-picked from the BMW Individual personalisation catalogue. At each corner, separated by what feels like an eternity of metal, sits a lightweight, M-stamped 20-inch alloy wheel, while the long flanks are punctuated by grey-framed vents.

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