Bentley Continental GT W12

Technical Details

Model Year



16,220 KMs


Magnetic Grey




6.0L W12


626 Hp

AED 859,000

As part of Bentley's Centenary celebrations, Bentley created a fitting tribute to the legacy of its founder: an exquisite package of handcrafted features for cars built at the factory in Crewe in 2019. Designed to incorporate subtle Centenary styling into the features and finish of every car, it represented a unique opportunity to own a car with rare celebratory details; a car that will never be available again.

This carefully curated collection of design touches is seen on both the exterior and interior of the cars, ensuring that a century of history is reflected in every car.

On the outside, the badges on the bonnet, boot and wheel centres feature a specially created metallic finish around the ‘B’ in the logo: Centenary Gold. The bonnet and boot badges display the years 1919 and 2019.

On opening the door, a welcome lamp illuminates the ground with a Centenary message, while new treadplates highlight the two key years. Inside, the Bentley wings and the Bentley B on both the steering wheel and the gear shifter are subtly adorned with Centenary Gold, as is the Bentley B on the all-important key.

This exquisite detailing ensures that owners of these special cars have become part of Bentley’s Centenary celebrations.

The Centenary Specification has been applied to cars built at the Bentley factory in Crewe between January and December 2019, which means orders for Centenary Specification are no longer possible as of October 2019 (September 2019 for Mulsanne).

These features have only been available with the commission of a new car during this period, so they will only be seen on a very small number of the Bentleys on the road, now and in the future.

Cars with these Centenary details will therefore be rare – and they are destined to become highly collectable.

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