Bentley Bentayga V8 First Edition

Technical Details

Model Year



0 KMs






4.0L V8 Twin-Turbocharged


542 BHP

AED 1,400,000

The new Bentayga V8 captures the essence of the Bentayga range, distilling and bringing together every attribute in perfect balance. It bears the new Bentayga range’s distinctive exterior, with a commanding, dynamic presence and interior design featuring luxurious levels of comfort.

This is.accompanied by all the latest technology features. Made to excel when travelling at speed or when crawling in traffic, it discreetly combines luxury and performance in a way that only a Bentley can.

The innovative V8 engine is perfectly calibrated for the new Bentayga. Powerful, refined, responsive and efficient, it is a V8 for the modern world, and ensures driving the new Bentayga V8 will always be an occasion to savour.


With two twin-scroll turbochargers providing an immediate response to the driver’s demands, the advanced V8 engine has the typical Bentley characteristics of phenomenal torque at low engine speeds and ample reserves of power. The torque reaches a maximum of 770 Nm at an engine speed of under 2000 rpm, propelling the new Bentayga V8 on to a top speed of 180 mph (290 km/h). Despite the phenomenal performance, the engine is highly efficient, using technologies such as start-stop and variable displacement, which shuts off four of the eight cylinders when not required and results in a highly practical range of 455 miles or 733 km (NEDC). An essential part of the driving experience is the sound, and the V8 has an unmistakable, characterful rumble. An optional sports exhaust, which is available as an accessory, dials up the emotion further still.


As an SUV – albeit the most luxurious and refined version available – the new Bentayga V8 has to perform across a wide variety of different conditions. The All-Terrain Specification is the option that truly brings this to life: with one single customer option, a number of advanced but unobtrusive features and systems are added that work seamlessly together to enhance the off-road capability of the car. The overriding aim is to inspire absolute confidence and control on any terrain and in any situation, without the need for the driver to configure complex systems manually. So while the view outside may change, the experience of luxury, control and sense of security is always constant.


The new Bentayga V8 First Edition celebrates the SUV’s bold, distinctive design and will be only available for a limited period from launch. Exclusive features include First Edition badging, appearing on both the exterior and interior of the car, unique contrast stitching on the diamond quilting, and having First Edition embroidered onto the seats.

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