Audi A8L 4.2 Quattro

Technical Details

Model Year



105,602 KMs






4.2L V8 TDI


380 HP


The 2013 A8 is as anonymous as ever, although the bumpers and bonnet have been reshaped slightly and the grille is more prominent. At the rear, new flattened trapezoidal exhausts sit flush with the bumper and a chrome strip joins the taillights.

Besides fancy indicator strips that pulse rather than flash, the idea is to immerse the road in bright white light, up to 250m ahead, without dazzling oncoming cars or cyclists. When an infra-red camera senses a car coming towards you it doesn't just kill the high beam, it blocks out just the section of the light pointing at the car's windscreen and follows it - therefore still illuminating around it. It can pick up more than one car at a time, too.

The eight-speed gearbox smoothly shuffles into one of its higher ratios, letting you surf along in silence. But plant your right foot and it feels like the afterburners have been lit as you surge past other traffic. There's never a chance of wasting any of that power through wheelspin either, with quattro four-wheel as standard.


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